Build a place of Harmony and Outer Worlds Tales

Imagine a space as a form of a story inspired by films, sci fi, fantasy, video games or world cultures. By giving it a theme it becomes more alive. Architecture becomes more entertaining.

Inspired by music festivals, I bring to you an idea of transforming spaces to be more creative, bold and out of this world.

Bring entertainment art to your space, have more architecture in entertainment.

Art Installations

Artistic Architecture

Music Stages

Brand Collaborations

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I’m Marta Musiał. As an architect and artist I design entire spaces for audience and clients. Gaining experience in renown architectural companies gave me opportunity to master my skills. I worked for firms such as stararchitect Buro Ole Scheeren (China), awarded OVO Grabczewscy (PL), Groundlab (UK) or PWD Arch (China).

My career took me as well to design for IT, joining startups in the USA. In result I created brand to help people in upgrading web products

my brands:

Audiovisual project

UI UX design

Selected projects I worked for in OVO Grabczewscy:

Muzeum Ognia (Fire Museum)

Łaźnia Łańcuszkowa – Sztolnia Luiza, Poland
Kindergarden in Xi’an, China
Museum of Ethnology in Budapest, Hungary

Selected projects I worked for in Buro Ole Scheeren:

Fifteen Fifteen

Guardian Art Center 嘉德艺术中心

British Film Institute hq in London

Hotel resort /GFA: 300 000 m2 Miami, USA

Mixed-use towers /GFA: 75 000 m2 London, UK

Mixed-use towers /GFA: 150 000 m2 Los Angeles, USA

Highest building in China: Mixed-use towers /GFA: 800 000 m2 Shenzhen, China

Selected projects I worked for in PWD Arch:

Academy of Music, Cracow PL

Chengdu TOD (Transport Oriented Development)

TOD Xiamen, China
TOD Xi’an, China

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